Lodge Cast Iron

As someone who loves cooking every day, my Lodge cast iron pan is probably the most used item in my kitchen. I inherited it from my mom who has a tendency to find them at garage sales and collect them the garage. In the summer time it comes to camp with me or if my friends are getting together on the beach I make sure to bring it so we can fry up some food next to the waves. I was stoked to be able to produce this content for Lodge.

Cast Iron and Coastal Sunsets

One of the tricks with cast iron is to use it enough so it becomes “seasoned.” That takes time, patience and plenty of bacon grease. For this shoot we cooked some lobster and shrimp over a wood fire on the beach. It cooks fast and is relatively easy if you don’t mind a bit of sand with your shrimp. Make sure you don’t forget the butter and the lemon.

Remember, Lemon and Butter.