I was lucky enough to partner up with GINEW for some of their new line this fall.  If you don’t know GINEW I’ll post an excerpt from their website below:

“Ginew (Gih-noo) is the only Native American-owned denim line. Using meticulously sourced materials, we incorporate elements of our Ojibwe, Oneida, & Mohican heritage to express a contemporary Native American voice through our premium apparel and accessories. Ginew is Native-Americana, fusing Native American and enduring styles.

Ginew is owned and operated by husband and wife, Erik and Amanda. They are from Wisconsin and live in Portland, Oregon. Their family story is a contemporary Native American narrative, with each item they make drawing direct inspiration from their cultures and relatives.”

Denim in the Desert

We photographed this on the Reservation outside of Pendleton, Oregon. I was lucky enough to have The Harris sisters who have their own line of bead and leather work model for the shoot. Looking forward to more collaborations with GINEW and The Harris sisters.

Go West