One Light Portrait

Ever since my film school and lighting and grip days I’ve been fascinated by lighting set ups. Working on set seeing complicated lighting rigs intrigued the hell out of me after studying it so long in school. My favorite setups were always really simple. I enjoyed when a DP could do more with less. Hence this little project. I wanted to do portraits using only one light. No reflectors. Just a simple strobe on an umbrella against a plain wall. It’s about as stripped down as you can get ┬ábut I love the results.

A Light In The Darkness

This group of folks were attendees at a photography conference I was teaching a lighting class at. We took only two photos each. One serious, one goofy. The results were what they were and there were no redoes. I personally love this collection and plan on expanding the one light setup to a few other personal portrait projects I have in the pipeline.

May It Light You In Dark PlacesWhen All Other Lights Go Out