El Rancho Supply Company

El Rancho Supply was created by Leonor Lopez. A native Mixtec from Oaxaca’s mountain region near Juxtlahuaca she lived the later part of her childhood in Baja as her mother moved there to find work in the fields picking fruits and vegetables. After years working in the accounting business she wanted to try something new and reconnect with her heritage as well. Thus El Rancho Supply was born.

El Rancho is the term for the small village she was born in that the family affectionately calls “El Rancho” because it’s real name is Rancho Diego and it is very much a rural and hard town to reach in the mountains.

Tradition and craft

Leonor’s region of Oaxaca is known for weaving but more so for clothing and baskets. Blankets are a specialty of their own and a town outside of Puebla is the place to find yourself a brilliant partner weaver. Using her family connections that’s exactly what she did.

The blankets themselves are made entirely of recycled fabrics and 100% woven by hand on a traditional wooden loom. Each blanket can take up to a day to make. They’re dense and feel great in the hand as well as being durable and machine washable which is a nice bonus.

Leonor just l launched her new business and I was really happy to be able to provide some photography and video for her. I hope you all check her out.

Heritage and Home