I was recently commissioned to do a shoot for Stetson as part of their Stetson Stories series which documents real people who love their hats. Surfing might not be the first thing you think of when you think Stetson but as someone who wears mine everyday they’re extremely versatile and great outdoor hats. Maybe not for the saltwater, but definitely for the coast.

Stetson: for riding horses and waves

Jordan, TJ and Lindsey met me at my favorite beach for surf and day trips here on the Oregon coast. The waves were absolute trash that day but we were determined to make a good time of it. Luckily Jordan brought some beers and sausages to roast over the fire. We ended up doing more beach hanging than surfing thanks to the flat waves that day but everyone still got a chance to paddle out and enjoy the ocean.

Hope ya’ll dig it! Yeehaw.